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Expeditions done by SPE (Portuguese Speleological Society)

The hydrological year of 2008-09 has overlapped with SPE’s 60th birthday with special focus on the underwater exploration of the cave, eighteen years after the 1991 dives.

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Speleodive Summer of 2009

On August the 2nd a series of 7 dives started with the basic objective of better knowing the flooded area of the Moinhos Velhos-Pena-Contenda cave system, after 2 months of hard work with prepping the shafts, pumping siphons and transporting gear through almost 1 km of cave.

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Return to Pena Cave, December 2009

On the late month of December the Portuguese Speleologycal Society return to dive at the Pena Cave. They reached some galleries that had been explored dried during summer expeditions.

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